Where have I been!!!

Yes I know, I know. I haven’t posted in like a week. I know. So any ways I have been in California. It sucked. I was going to post from my Kindle. But it was stolen. Yep. Stolen. While visiting the Hollywood sign:


Nothing like your dad holding the hollywood sign.


Doesn’t that look nice…

Anyways our rental car was broken into and my moms tote bag and my back pack was stolen.


Yes my precious  Meatloaf was in their. I am so sad about him. 😦 They don’t even sell him any more. 😦 😦 😦 Here are all my pictures I have of memories with Meatloaf.


Featured image


So ya. I’m sad, but I got another Kindle! And its my birthday tomorrow (The 26th). But nothing like a warning to top it off:


If you do not want a HUGE Harry Potter spoiler do not read the following!

I just read  the part where Professor Dumbledore  gets killed.

Nothing like that to top off my misery/joy.

That was a quick life update. Bye,



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