Kiwanis Kid of the Year?!?!

Sorry, about no post yesterday. 😦 The winning clothing for the Take you pick was 1. Yellow dress and the generic school girl outfit tied, 2. My American Girl meet outfit 3. Farmer Girl outfit Thank you my mom, and Christian Homeschooler for voting!

Today I will be posting about something very exciting to me this morning. As some of you might know I go to public school. Today it was announced that I won the Kiwanis kid of the year! This means that I basically won a Steak n’ Shake breakfast for being a good student. I guess… Any ways here is a picture of me and my parent’s and my principal:

Featured image

So yah Bye


P.S. My school librarian took this picture on her phone, emailed it to my mom who forwarded it to me. I couldn’t figure out how to put it in a post so I took a picture of it on my computer screen. That is why it has bad quality. Can you spot my computer mouse pointer thing that I stupidly got in the picture?


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