Pi Day!

So as you might now today is Pi day! Not pie, pi. Today is more special than any other pi day! Something happens on today’s pi day that only happens every century. So it goes like this 3.14 (March 14th) 15 (2015) 926 (9:26 A.M./P.M.) 53 (53 seconds) 59 (milliseconds). That is the farthest the date will ever reach in pi! This may not be very exciting for some people but personally, consider myself a nerd and this is AWESOME!

So celebrate this special pi day I decided to show you guys how to make a polymer clay pie! Yes this time it is  piE:


Mmm… That looks good


Everything you will need:

– Gray, red, tan and scrap polymer clay (Scraps not pictured)

– Polymer clay tools

– Tinfoil

– Bottom of not pictured nail polish bottle instead of pictured bottle cap (For my size preference)


First I wrapped gray around the bottom of a nail polish bottle to create the pie tin.


I added a little bit of detailing to the tin. Then, I filled the tin with scrap clay. You can use tan instead of scraps. This looks like tan but it isn’t, once I mixed my scraps together (for fun) and they turned out like this. After that I started to cover the top in little red balls.


I finished covering the entire top with little red balls.

IMG_9139 IMG_9140

Now I rolled out a snake of tan. I wrapped it around the pie and textured it with a piece of tin foil.


Now I put vertical strips of tan over the berries.


Lastly I put horizontal strips of tan and textured them.

And now your done!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for another surprise crafty how to!

Happy Pi Day! Bye!~



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